Where can you find motivation?


It happens to you sometimes when you feel so bored and you don't have the mood to do anything. Don’t ignore this feeling because it can drive you to laziness and it’s not healthy!
In this case I can tell you for sure that you lack motivation. No worries I can help you get it back anytime you want because motivation comes in different ways. You can get it from anyone and anywhere. Therefore You should understand why you are down, what are the reasons behind this negative feelings. When you'll know where it came from, you'll be aware of what to do and not to do and  this way You will be capable of overcoming it by yourself .
Laziness and Pessimism is what prevent you from progressing. You may be thinking that you aren't good enough, which is why you ended up being what you are now, and you have to deal with that for the years to come. But let me tell you and take it for granted: Never think that you don't deserve what you want. And remember you’re worth it, just think of what you can do, your talents, skills and everything you are capable of doing that you can take advantage of.

Where can you find motivation? 

This is the big deal. You can get Motivation from anything. And here are different ways that might help you find your motivation:
1-     Try to read a book of any kind. Whether it is a novel or a manga story  or inspirational or even a cook book because books are made to influence people.
2-     Discuss with people you love. Discussions are an effective way of releasing inner thoughts, or feelings. The people closest to you will always be there to listen whenever you feel less of yourself, or when you have issues that you can't deal with alone.
3-     Follow leaders they can give the highest form of motivation to people. Their statements seem to build new principles and beliefs. So don’t underestimate the power of motivational speakers or coaches
4-     Try to remember the best and the most remarkable experiences you've had, and think about how you were able to pull things off without giving up on yourself or on anyone. Or try to write such things down, it never hurts to do great things again, right?
At the end and here is my best advice is to learn how to get motivation from yourself. Self-motivation is the hardest to get, but it is the best. Says are just some words in the air. It’s all about actions and the last decision is still up to you, if you want to stay uninspired, or if you want to make a difference not only in your life, but to others as well.

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