How to take better Selfies and Look Photogenic in 5 steps


At the era of selfies, it is better to take care of yourslef and accent your special strenth befor any shots shots, shared and liked on social networks.

For perfect photos without Photoshop, here are our little tricks!

1-Close your eyes

Before the fatal click, close your eyes and reopen them slowly, and voilà, you're perfectly open with a look at all the clichés, as if you were Miss worldwide, in truth, you barely slept 5 AM tonight, too busy to end series...

2-We try to blur

The blur, these are the cosmetics that visually blur the imperfections. Combined with the BB Cream for luminous and a fresh skin that does not even require the addition of a small Instagram filter to your selfies.

3-Use a clear red lips

Even if the trend is the matt I recommend avoiding it at all costs because it makes you look ten years older. Before a cliché, draw your most brilliant gloss that will make your smile hot as hell. But do not attempt if you have oily skin...

4-Avooid to shadows eyelids

No need to spend 3 hours to give you a perfect smoky eye. Rather bet on eyeliner and good mascara that lengthens lashes to look more beautiful and full of life

5-Do not put yourself in the face

Try the "three-quarters" profile in the most natural way for you without highlighting your kinks 

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