How to deal with your arrogant freind or workmate


Arrogant people are everywhere. They consider themselves as if they are gods .But let us understand these people they are just proud of themselves yes it’s all about Pride in this case, but it can be moderately used, just like what normal people do (US :D) . In the case of the arrogant ones, pride sustains their lives. Without pride, they are nothing just nothing.
I am not saying that you should hate proud people, because whoever they are, they still deserve proper treatment from everyone. And hanging out with people like this is inevitable, so here are some advices you might want to consider for you to be able to still live peacefully when surrounded by arrogant people who get on your nerves:
·         Learn how to be Patient I’m pretty sure you'll be able to take whatever these guys throw at you. Be patient whenever your workmate boasts about his new car. Be patient when your neighbor's showing you his new SMART TV. Patience is the safest weapon you can face these situations with.

·         Don't play their game and act like them. Arrogance is their game, not yours. If you do, reading this article is pointless, because you'll end up being one of them, and you won't even know it.

·         Don't be too tough. Who knows, your arrogant friend that you are dealing with might just be in need of, attention, or care. Even if boastful people are the way they are, they might be having certain insecurities that they need to overcome. So in this case think of helping become better.

·         Face them with the ugly truth. It just feels good when you don't have to hide any feeling from anyone. If the proud guy's your friend, then it is easier to be more frank. You can tell him that what he's doing is not pleasing people in any way.

·         Learn how to adjust. Sometimes these arrogant people can be your dear friend and you can’t lose them easily. After having told them the truth, it's up to them if they will listen to you or not. As for you, you can learn to accept, adjust and understand. Although doing these three is quite a stretch, But you can do everything when you have patience.

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