How to play Pokemon Go : tips and Hacks


Today's topic is going to be a Pokémon go hacks and tips. I don't know about you guys but I feel like I've been so obsessed with Pokémon go recently I think everybody has been obsessed with pokemon go too isn’t that true?

these are just some hacks and tips that you guys might already know if you are like diehard fans but if you're not then you might not know some of these so hopefully there's something in here that you didn't know before but first you tell me what's your favorite Pokémon in a comment below . For me my favorite pokemon of all time is Meowth.

1-     The first tip is to play with your friends, it’s good to take a walk with your friends and play Pokemon Go at the same time because you’re not aware of your surroundings and you should make sure you don't get into any dangerous situations or places

2-     The next hack is to go to the settings menu and click battery saver because pokemon go kills the battery so just get prepared and put on your comfy shoes and a hat and get some sunglasses and bring a portable phone charger especially if you're planning on going a long distance .

3-     If you're catching a bunch of duplicate pokemon especially ones that aren't really super rare then just tap on them and transfer them to Professor willow in exchange for candy which can help you evolve your pokemon and this is good because what you're going to do with 40 piggies

4-      this one might be kind of obvious and you might have already heard of this one but tap on the pokeball for about two seconds and flick hard rather than just flicking it at the pokemon because the harder you throw the pokeball the more likely you will catch the pokemon and not waste a bunch of pokeballs.

5-      turn off the augmented reality which kind of makes the pokemon like appear in your bathroom and outside and it makes them appear in real life so turn that off because then the camera will be more stable and your Pokemon will be more centered and it will be easier to catch them also this is good because it actually does save your battery on.

6-      it's the rings around the pokemon and the different colors actually mean different things so if there's a green ring around the pokemon that means it's easy to catch if there's a yellow one around that means it's like moderately difficult to catch and if there's a red one around that means it's difficult to catch so as you start to level up you'll get special pokeballs that you can use for the more rare pokemon and also you can use berries if you want to sedate the rare wild Pokemon so that way you can catch them easier

I hope this helps you guys out a little bit I'll assess with pokemon go I feel like after this  I'm going to go back and I gotta go back outside and try and catch me a peek .

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