how to overcome the fear of flying


    It is a real problem for those who love travel! Of course there are other modes of transport, greener. But still, the plane is hardly inevitable for most of us.
Today we will explain how to overcome the fear of flying

Are there a lot of passengers who are afraid of flying?

Approximately 60% of passengers are not feeling comfortable at the time of the flight. It's a real fear of flying. But Where does this fear come from?

We are not connected to the ground when we fly ... you noticed! A journey by train, car or a ship where even connect us to the elements that allow us unconsciously to have a role while traveling .

Now, in a plane, the passenger does not have the mastery. He is "led" by a technical crew, advised or assisted in case of trouble by a commercial crew.Everything is imposed: start time, meal time, weather ... Even most frequent travelers, this may generate some anxiety.

The fear also comes from the fact that during a severe accident, there is often no survivors.

- How personnel stuff deal with this kind of people ?

First, they should distinguish those who arrive for boarding and tell them frankly: "I have fear of flying"! from those who hide it. So it becomes much easier to "treat" .they should always take the time to ask what is the precise point that triggers this anxiety: sounds, smells, take off, turbulence etc ... And they respond to their questions. Why such noise, why the plane moves, what is the meaning of an advertisement etc ...

For all others who do not talk about it let me tell you for sure it's really a bad idea because a single client who has an anxiety attack can generate fear among hundreds of others.

 Pilots try also to arrange a meeting during the flight. Because a passenger who met a pilot is often much less distressed by the theft.

There are do's and don'ts.

Travel must be a fun moment .You need to be comfortable, so travel with rather comfortable clothes,  It is not for nothing that they systematically undoes the tie or blouse too tight of a person who is not feeling well.

 Never alcohol would be the solution before and during the flight. The effects are magnified, at the opposit .You should Drink a liter of water for every 5 hours flight .

Feel free to move around the cabin! This offset the dryness of the air in the cabin and allow the body to rest comfortably. Dehydration contributes greatly to the feeling of fear.

 What advice would to give to someone who would really travel in a country halfway around the world, but is hindered by his fear of flying?

If the fear of flying is moderate, just get read. Many companies now offer to choose the place when booking (even through a travel agency).

Appropriate its flight is a method that works .I choose my seat, I know what kind of aircraft I borrow, I learn about the flight time, the overview of the country. I talk about my fear of flying as soon as I get on the plane, you are anxious. The PNC will help you: the comfort of the little touches and gestures are recognized and soothing even with the language barrier.

Discover the aircraft, the galleys (kitchens), met the main cabin and head for a long time talking with people ... .hence you will clean your mind from this obsessive idea, and you will spend most of the flight without fear.

If the fear of flying becomes unhealthy, anti-stress courses are organized by some companies .The "phobic" is supported by aircrew where you will make a real simulator session with Drivers who will explain everything to you.

- Any last words?

Hope you learned a lot of interesting things about the fear of flying. There are still methods and solutions!

I do not know about you, but personally, I always have a little apprehensive during takeoff. Sometimes I imagine disaster scenarios ...

And on your side, are you comfortable with this mode of transportation? While some fear of flying, feel free to share it here!

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