How to hide your money When traveling


         When you say Tourism you mean Money . Especially in many countries, where you can walk around with several months of pay  cash on you. It may be tempting for some. Here are some tips to hide your money when traveling and reduce the risk!

Separate your money 

First rule, When traveling, never put your eggs in one basket. In other words, always hide your money in at least two different places and bags. It's the base.If you have two credit cards (which I recommend). Always Take one with you  and hide one in your bag at the hotel.

Traveler's checks?

Separate your traveler's checks receipts with their numbers they gave you to purchase.

Money in your pocket

On you, as well, divide your cash into both pockets of your pants.

In one, put some bills that will provide a small amount of money used to pay for small expenses: drinks, food, taxis etc. In the other, you put a larger amount consists of larger bills. This is your safety reserve. You type them to pay higher costs.

Why There are several interests to do this:

You pay small expenses easily with the first pocket. In a lot of countries of the South, many traders often do not have money on a big bills
If you are deflected in the street, you give what you have in one pocket . This may be enough, because it often happens that thieves do not demand a lot of money , already satisfied (and stressed) to make itt.

Hidden Money belts trip

Regarding tickets caches belts, I always use one during a long journey. I do not really know if they are effective at hiding  money while traveling. I doubt. In the case of an assault in the street, the thief  will really think about asking your belt? I do not think so

Anyway, this kind of belt is cheap (around 10 dollars), you will not regret it. Make sure you bend your money very well. In some countries, they accept crumpled Bills.

More tips on travel money

Use a small portfolio. Avoid large made filled with various card. Have a light thing to slide your travel money and your credit card. That's all.

Prefer shorts and pants with thigh closed pocket, it's more practical.

In your bag, use hiding places.

Some use a small hidden pocket, under the shirt, around his neck. Why not but I find it uncomfortable and embarrassing.

If you use traveler's checks, scan the numbers of each ticket in case of theft. Send them on your mailbox or on your Dropbox.

The same thing for credit cards. Note on an email, the numbers as well.

And you, what precautions do you take to hide your money while traveling? Any Good tips to share?

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